March 20, 2003

Fighting The War

I had, up until this point, been vociferously against Bush's March Towards Destruction (of Iraq and its people, Saddam, US International Relations, the point of the UN, precedent in foreign policy, the list goes on)...but I still maintained a hope that it was all just a show and he would rant and rave but not actually do anything. (Call me an eternal optimist, if you will.) But now that it has actually happened, I find myself so thoroughly disgusted and powerless that I have refused to even look at any newspapers or turn on my TV. I didn't even want to hear about it.
However, this morning as I drove to work, I heard on the radio today about an organization called Knightsbridge International dedicated to non-partisan humanitarian relief around the world. They are putting together funds to go to Iraq and help the families trying desparately to flee the war and protect themselves. This organization is completely voluntary...all funds go directly to medical relief (none to arbitrary administrative fees or salaries) and those who donate can track exactly where their money goes. Also, an Oscar-nominated photographer will be alongside providing footage every 48 hours, so we can see the people most affected by the war.
I believe that this is a time where most people, whether they support the war or not, are feeling useless or insignificant and this organization provides a way we can help the innocent victims of war. Perhaps donating will make me feel a little my little shout-out that I truly feel sorry for the Iraqi people and feel terrible about what they are going through just because George W. insists on being a spoiled brat.

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