April 05, 2003

No Vicoden For Me

So I finally got my wisdom teeth out. But like Nuala, I have to cross drug addict off my list of future careers. The masochist that I am, I took the dosage of Vicoden and attempted to still go to work the day after I got my teeth out. But those plans were abruptly cancelled when I got out of the shower, fainted and hit my head on the bathroom floor. Then I couldn't eat anything either because the Vicoden made me want to puke anything that even threatened to cross my lips. Not to mention the acute pain of a bruised and woozy head.
I had already taken out the top left tooth because it came out early. This time, my dentist took out my teeth on the upper and lower right side. For the bottom right tooth, he had to grind away some tooth and some bone to get it out...so now my jaw hurts too. After a week I have to get the stitches out and he'll decide what he wants to do about the tooth on the lower left side. It is impacted and turned a bit, so he might have to refer me to a specialist. In any case, I get to do this all over again. Bleah. Unfortunately there is no reprieve offered in the form of Vicoden. I'm trying to get my mom to make her famous hash brownies, but so far no luck...

Posted by at April 5, 2003 04:31 PM

Oh poor Jade! You should have not attempted to get up out of bed! Why am I not suprised that you tried to go to work though. You're a crazy girl and I'm sure your work does not appreciate you enough. grumble grumble. Feel better! And try and enjoy the time off. No feeling guilty.

Posted by: nuala on April 6, 2003 01:00 AM

you fuckin pussy! I eat 30 vic's a day and love it. nothing makes me happier than passing out and hitting my head on the corner of my coffee table. Its really sharp so i bleed every time. my dog comes over and licks that shit up. maybe you have met my dog. his name is "tinker one" and he is missing an eye, leg, and a few ribs. he'll eat those fuckin brownies if your bitch ass mon doesn't. thats how he got into trouble the first time. he ate a bunch of my acid cookies and ran off the top of my trailor and landed face first onto the bed of rusty nails that i sleep on. chicks dig it!!! hey you know what, I just thought of somethong, maybe you might want to come over and smell the acid dookie that my dog took all over my old girlfriends face. Its still there cause she's dead. that stinky fuckin corpse has been reekin up the joint for weeks now. She took too many vic's like your dumb ass and never woke up. Anyways, enough about that old hag...wasssup wit you and me? call me (310)459-4169

Posted by: satan on June 9, 2003 02:28 PM

woo! let's hear it for the 3-1-0!!!!!!! makes me proud to be an angelino.

Posted by: holohan on June 9, 2003 02:36 PM