May 22, 2003

Personalize Your Balls!

In the June issue of one of our magazines, we're running a Father's Day Gift Guide and advertisers can send in a picture of a product with a 20-word description. But we're on deadline to go to press tomorrow and I needed to have all the materials for the magazine turned in yesturday so we could start laying it out today. And there were a couple of companies that just couldn't get it together, so they asked me to use the picture from their ad and then create a description for them. One of these companies has a product called G-Stamp: a little stamp that monograms your name or initials on golf balls so that when you hit your golf ball, it doesn't get lost or accidentally taken by other golfers. So in the heat of deadline I had to sit and come up with a catchy tagline.
Here's what I came up with:

1) Is your Dad losing his balls to other golfers?

2) Get Dad a great gift for his balls!

3) Give your Dad's balls a mark of distinction!

4) G-Stamp: Precision equipment for imprinting balls with style!

5) G-Stamp: Making it easy to spot your balls.

...well I doubt they'll print any of that, but at least it was an amusing endeavor.

Posted by at May 22, 2003 08:53 AM

I want to buy the device that I can use to monogram golf balls. Please send me the data needed to purchase this.

Posted by: Sheila Adams Hart on October 23, 2003 01:35 PM