August 06, 2003

A Letter To An Old Friend

To My Imagination:

I've been missing you for so long now, where did you go? I have so many fond memories of us together seeking far off new places, enjoying sunflowers in second grade, playing in the field behind my house. Those were such happy times. I was never lonely because I always had you.

Albeit, I did get mad at you sometimes because you would distract me from things I had to do, like learning math or paying attention to the person talking to me...but I didn't really mean it. You've always been there to keep me from getting too literal or to save me from a bad situation, like doing dishes.

But now, I've been searching for you and you seem to be hiding. I catch glimpses of you as I walk down the street, or in the mall, or sometimes when I'm driving, but then I think I must be wrong. I really needed you today at the office, and last week while I lay in bed alone. But you weren't there. You've left me behind, dry and waiting, like an 80-year-old virgin, with nothing but my hands and memories to comfort me.

Anyways, I miss you. Please come back and I promise I wont neglect you. I need you; I'm just not any fun without you.


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