February 13, 2003

Bastard Slacker Clients

Grr!! What is with my clients??! Tomorrow is the deadline to get all ad materials in (and if I don't get them all in by 5, I don't get Monday off....and I desperately need to get Monday off, whatwith moving and Toby coming down Sunday night), but my clients just aren't turning in their materials!! They just keep saying, "yeah, we'll get it in today...". Lying Bastards. Or worse, they're being completely unreachable so I can't even be lied to about when they're getting their stuff in. And on top of it all, normally I don't even bother to bring a lunch because I usually work 8 to 6 straight, no time for break...but today I'm absolutely starving, but I can't leave cuz I don't want to miss any potential calls from any client who may be so kind as to deign to talk to me...won't someone bring me lunch?....
Ok. Done ranting. Back to work for me.

Posted by at February 13, 2003 12:12 PM