November 17, 2003

Dear Diary

Today has been one of those days that make me truly miss life in college, and look ever so wistfully towards getting into grad school. As much of a recluse I can tend to be, I so thoroughly miss the support of my best friends and my boyfriend who are all in different cities hours away, and I miss being able to talk to them at the height of my emotion when I'm really thrilled or really worried or upset about something. I miss the interaction and their ability to make me laugh at myself and not take myself so seriously.
I have been at work for 10 hours straight now, going on only 3 hours of sleep. I was up until 2 in the morning talking to my roommate because she just got back together with her girlfriend and they're going through a difficult time but trying to make things work. Her girlfriend's parents are completely not cool with her being gay and so she's moving out and now needs a new place. I like her a lot and consider her to be very sweet and very dependable and am considering offering to amend the lease to allow them to live together. The deal I'd make with them would lower my roommate's rent, allow rent to be affordable for her girlfriend, and be very good for me because it would cut my out-of-pocket expenses on my mortgage roughly in half. However, I want to see how things go with them first, because historically they've had a really volatile relationship and I don't want to have to physically live with the consequences of their emotional roller coaster. So that ordeal kept me up late.
Then I had to be in at work at 7 am this morning to prepare for a 9 am meeting. The good news is, in the 2 hours I had to prepare I designed a new marketing initative that was approved by management right off the bat (which is basically unheard of in this company of people who like to fidget and ponder). But 4 magazines were on deadline today and I was scurrying around like crazy trying to catch up. One of my managers keeps handing me crap assignments even though she knows I'm running up against deadline, but of course, her priorities are always top priorities. The more I get done, the less she has to do so that she can leave early. (I am mentally gesticulating rudely at this.) But again, on the plus side, I had an impromptu meeting with the Producer of the OC Music Awards, and it all went off very well and I think we'll develop a good relationship as I help him with his ad campaign.
All in all, I suppose the day wasn't horrible. Just extremely hectic and my head hurts from lack of sleep. But I am having dinner at my parents' house tonight and perhaps with my mom's succulent home-cooked Thai cuisine, a nice white wine, and my dad's impossibly corny jokes, I can forget about the day and laugh at myself a bit.

Posted by at November 17, 2003 05:48 PM

Jade, I'm so sorry you had a bad day and that I have been a bad friend. I just realized reading this entry that you had written me an email a while ago and I had not responded, becuase for the life of me I can't find the email you sent.

I'm so sorry.

I hope today is better. I'll write you a little bit later to catch up.

Posted by: nuala on November 18, 2003 09:58 AM

no worries, sweetie! you're not a bad friend! if you want me to send the email again i might stll have a copy...let me know.

Posted by: jade on November 18, 2003 12:18 PM

no worries, sweetie! you're not a bad friend! if you want me to send the email again i might stll have a copy...let me know.

Posted by: jade on November 18, 2003 12:19 PM