December 03, 2003

Me Feets Are Itching, My Precious

Dood. Am having this all-consuming craving to make a road trip up to San Francisco again. May need to kidnap Nuala too and bring her with me.

Thai food in Benicia! Thai food in Benicia!

Posted by at December 3, 2003 02:12 PM

Why San Francisco? And if you can take a Monday off I could. I only get Sunday and Monday's off.

Plus your mother is a thai chef. What more do you need. hee hee.

Posted by: nuala on December 3, 2003 04:06 PM

san francisco because it's fun and big and away from orange county. and not LA.

plus that thai restaurant is so cute with the taking off of shoes and sitting *in* the floor.

hmm...i could take a monday off i think, but maybe not until the end of january or so.

then we could visit nicole, and michelle and kristen...and fatswaller. yay fatswaller.

Posted by: jade on December 3, 2003 05:09 PM

fatswaller does not accept visitors. (he is shy.) but i would go to thai with you! mmm thai.

but how can you not like orange county when it produces the o.c.? fuck, i love that show. excuse me while i go right now to watch it and drool.

Posted by: michele on December 4, 2003 01:28 AM

Krista and I worship that show. Christmaka was super 8 great! And wonder woman! I just about peed my pants.

I am giggling just thinking about it. Can I also mention. Yogalaties! hwee!

Posted by: nuala on December 4, 2003 09:11 PM

yogalaties was brilliant! oh, and i would like to say that though anna's gift was great, because thoughtful and artistic. when contrasted against a girl dressing up as wonder woman for you, a home-made comic book is just not going to cut it. anna should be the friend. wonder woman should be the sexy girlfriend. oh hells yeah.

consistently this show is just about the most brilliant writing out there currently. plus, every week has a new episode unlike all the other shows which have been in reruns for WEEKS.

Posted by: michele on December 5, 2003 01:05 AM

I know! Although Krista and I are upset that a new one is not forthcoming next week. Damn that we have to wait two whole weeks.

The home made comic book was great but man! She was DRESSED AS WONDERWOMAN. Oh good god.

Posted by: nuala on December 5, 2003 03:45 PM

damn. missed the past couple of weeks, but i must say. the o.c. the show is MUCH more entertaining than the real oc. perhaps because the exaggerations make everything that is truly annoying about OC into things really funny.

Posted by: jade on December 5, 2003 04:04 PM

get this week's "entertainment" magazine! they're on the front! pictures! oooooooooo c it.

Posted by: michele on December 5, 2003 11:23 PM