February 19, 2004

Holy Crap I Got In!...I Think.

After months and months of fretting I have finally received notification. I got in to the Graduate Division of Political Science at UC Santa Barbara!! I'm so happy, so excited! Then I start reading the letter..."Final/Official Arizona State University transcript and BA degree posted." Quoi?! ...I didn't go to Arizona State University.
So I called the Graduate Division. Apparently they made a mistake and the letter I got was supposed to go to somebody else. They hadn't even started my notification yet. (Commence huge panicky feelings and inability to breathe...) BUT she said, "I can tell you that you did get accepted and I'll be sending you your letter sometime around the end of next week." (Whoosh....I can breathe again. Blood resumes circulation in my brain.)
So I did get in. But, I'm all neurotic now (or at least, even more so than I already was), and still won't breathe easily until I get my official acceptance letter, with correct transcript info, et al.

Posted by at February 19, 2004 09:33 AM

just be glad you're not the poor bastard from ASU who'll probably never get his/her notification.

congrats, by the way.

Posted by: holohan on February 19, 2004 09:36 AM

congratulations! (and fingers crossed!)

Posted by: michele on February 19, 2004 10:59 AM

Yea for me is more like it! Jade will be back in SB and I'll have someone to drag out with me to the movies or dinner and not feel bad about! Score!

Congrats to you Jade! I'm so happy you got in! When are you moving....it's about me see, all about me...no really. Happy Happy for you

Posted by: nuala on February 19, 2004 01:35 PM

well, i need to see if i got any fellowship money or RA/TAships before i decide, but i'm thinking about quitting here at the beginning of may and looking for places to live with leases starting in june. (since lots of people move out for the summer i think my chances of getting a good place will be best at that time) that'll give me a month to find a place and settle my property down here. if i can rent out my house for roughly it's worth, then i can get a job in SB and save money and relax a bit before jumping into grad school.
so if all goes to plan...i'll be up at the beginning of may!

Posted by: jade on February 19, 2004 01:54 PM


Posted by: nuala on February 19, 2004 04:41 PM