March 01, 2004

The Long-Awaited Primaries

Well they're finally here. After endless campaigning and media hoop-la, the primaries are just a day away. I've been watching the candidates and weighing my decision carefully for months now, but finally as the shoe drops I find myself at a loss. I feel discouraged and my little political efficacy meter is running a tad low.

In the first place, ever since the 2000 presidential election I've lost all confidence in the popular vote. It just doesn't matter. No matter how people justify the electoral college, guarding against tyranny of the masses bullshit...I can't get past this feeling that people just don't go out and vote, and even when they do their vote doesn't count (not to mention that some people's votes don't even get counted!).

Furthermore, even should I regain some level of confidence in the system, I still am having trouble picking out a palatable candidate. Should I vote for the ones I like or should I vote for the ones who I think will have the strongest following in defeating Bush? (Although the ones I like seem to be shooting themselves in the foot and bauching up their campaigns, so it looks like my decision there is made for me.) Should I vote for the ones who I think have a strong domestic program, even though I don't see them as being capable of making a stand in the international forum? Even Clinton, who I thought was an excellent president in getting our country where it needed to be domestically (aside from his personal screw-ups), was complete crap in foreign affairs. Our country is in the gutter royally both domestically and internationally. I want a candidate who shows promise in fixing both (Though pretty much anyone is better than Bush at this point...with the possible exception of Buchanan--and I say possible because at least he's upfront and honest about being a fascist freak.). How do I settle and put up support for someone in whom I have absolutely no confidence?

It makes me almost not want to vote. I've always argued that if you don't vote you don't deserve to complain about what you get. But how can you vote for something you don't really want anyway? How is that voicing your opinion?

**These views are solely the views of the author and are not intended to offend, persuade, cajole or otherwise piss off potential readers. And if they do piss you off, well bugger off. Arguments are certainly welcome but please keep the bashing to a minimum. Cheers!

Posted by at March 1, 2004 02:55 PM

aren't there only 2 choices to vote for at this point anyway? everyone else dropped out.

Posted by: michele on March 1, 2004 03:11 PM

basically. and neither of them are ones i was interested in voting for.

Posted by: jade on March 1, 2004 03:36 PM

Even if the presidential primary puts you off of voting, there are important statewide propositions that need your vote, yea or nay.

Posted by: cody on March 1, 2004 06:44 PM

I agree with you even though i am yet to be at the age of voting. I also fallow the politics and know your frustration. I just wanted to say dont vote for just anyone just because their not bush, and that seems what is going on with the youth.

Posted by: Kara on April 13, 2004 12:39 PM