April 30, 2004

With One Foot On The Platform And The Other On The Train

This is my final two hours at my job. Tonight I am packing and hightailing it to Santa Barbara where I will begin a new life as a graduate student. Instead of the smell of magazines fresh from the press and supermarket coffee, I will enter a world smelling delightfully of musty old books and cappuccinos. Instead of getting in my car and watching the blink of taillights and stoplights on my journey to work, I will get on a bike and pedal my way to school. Conversations and predictions for The Bachelor and Friends will be replaced by dialogues and seminars on global organization and nuclear proliferation. Favorite clients will be replaced by esteemed colleagues and my salary will be replaced by fellowships and grants. Instead of dining at Gypsey Den and the Yard House I'll be grabbing lunch at Silvergreens and Freebirds. The smell of files and ink will be replaced by pot and beer.

A gentle bittersweetness has settled on my heart as I float dreamily through this surreal day. I had been so excited and so focused on this new direction in my life and the beginning of what promises to be an exciting and challenging journey, that it didn't hit me until now what wonderful people I will be leaving behind and will honestly miss when I go. As beautiful and kind wishes and gifts come filtering in, I find myself reflecting on the relationships I have been a part of here. So many people here have made a positive influence on my life and this company is one which truly inspires loyalty. I honestly hope I cross paths with them again one day.

Oh God. I'm going to be Dr. Jade.

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Get your ass down here woman!

Posted by: nuala on April 30, 2004 04:23 PM