October 17, 2003

Frizzy Kitty

Right. So I haven't written in quite some time...but this story warrants telling, so I am surreptitiously sneaking in this blog as our magazines roll through deadline.
Last night, my dear sweet kitty, Tito, was chewing on my piano chords as he is wont to do, despite my attempts at ridding him of this habit (He has completely chewed through one, and now all the keys echo incessantly, making it impossible to play.). But I didn't notice him this time until I heard the loud banging of the chords against the wall and loud sniffing noises... I turned around and my poor cat was clamped onto a chord, whipping and flying around. I ran and unplugged the chord and he immediately let go and ran. But he couldn't run very well because his legs would spasm and he'd fly into the air. His fur was sticking up in odd directions all over and he looked as if he'd been dumped in a bucket of water. It took about 20 minutes for him to calm down after that. His leg or tail would twitch occasionally, but he seemed okay. I just gave him lots of loving and kept him calm and feeling safe. And this morning he seemed back to his usual self. Well, his usual self is spastic anyway, but he at least didn't seem any more spastic than he usually is. But I did catch him chewing on my cell phone charger chord. Dumb cat.

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